Sports Can Bring People Together

By Sarah Kirkwood

CRACK! And the ball soars high over the outfielder’s head. IT’S LONG GONE! And your team makes it to the playoffs. 

Sports are great for entertainment and bringing people together, but is there more to it?

Friday, March 29, 2013

After completing what seems like an endless to do list, it will finally be the weekend.  On the schedule for a springtime Friday evening in Gainesville: sports.  Followed by more sports.  After watching the Gator baseball team play Ole Miss at McKethan Stadium, I’ll head to a friend’s house to watch our beloved basketball team take on FGCU in the Sweet 16 in Arlington.

Life in a college town revolves around sports.  We are fans; our weekends belong to our teams.  Homework and studying can wait until the games end.

There is no denying that sports entertain the world.  But beyond giving us something to do on an otherwise dull Friday night or a reason to get together every Sunday, what good do sports do?

For years I have witnessed the positive impact that sports teams, agencies, foundations and programs have on the communities that support them.  Growing up in Jacksonville, I saw first-hand what teams like the Suns and Jaguars do for their community.  Whether it was promoting reading or physical activity in local schools, they made their presence known.  And college teams regularly participate in games that carry themes such as breast cancer awareness or supporting our troops.

My name is Sarah Kirkwood and I am a soon-to-be Gator Grad finishing my degree in public relations.   If you haven’t gathered by now, I am a huge sports fan.  My posts will highlight the positive impact sports have in communities in Florida and beyond.  Together we’ll explore teams’ community outreach programs, annual sporting events that raise awareness about important issues and more.

Come back often to see what’s being done by your favorite team.


sarah-kirkwoodAbout the Author
Sarah Kirkwood was born and raised in Jacksonville and considers herself to be a true beach girl.  This soon-to-be Gator grad is finishing up her degree in public relations and is excited about the opportunities that await her after graduation.  A life-long love of sports and a first hand knowledge of how teams can positively impact a community has inspired her to seek a career in the sports field.