Simple Answers for Moving Forward

Over the course of our lives, we will have to recover from all kinds of experiences. However, within every challenge there lies a doorway to a higher, more invincible you. Adopt an empowering perspective to see yourself through.


Did you make a “bad” choice? Time to choose again.

Did somebody die or otherwise leave you? Then now is the time to say goodbye.

Did someone lie or fail to play by the rules? Let go of what you can’t control.

Did your dreams or plans go up in smoke? Start dreaming new dreams and making new plans.

Did you “never” expect to be where you are? Discover that you can rebuild your life at any point!


At times it can feel like you’ve lost everything. But, you haven’t. You still have YOU! And you are everything you need.

Locked inside of you is all the power necessary for you to live the life you most desire. No matter the circumstances present in your life, no matter the chain of daunting disappointing or disheartening events, no matter your fear, sadness, frustration, or uncertainty, inside of you right now is an awesome power. You can access it with hope. You can forge a new path by believing that something new, rewarding or even better is possible. Dare to discover what it means to be innately creative, resilient, empowered to choose, whole, and worthy. Set your sights on joy and freedom. Out loud, ask the universe to show you the way, and then start moving in the direction of what you desire.

Instead of feeling broken, be thankful for this opportunity to take your life to a whole new level. Get on with your life, because time is a-wasting!

Let’s create more fulfilling lives.


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by Tina Lifford
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