Saying Hi: Stay Positive and Embrace Change

gw-52215So is there a time of year when we aren’t so busy? Seems like I was just sitting down to write about Mother’s Day, I do like Mother’s Day, but in just a blink of an eye our focus has shifted to Memorial Day, graduations and summer vacations.

Our twins are graduating from high school in just a few short days. How did that happen? And where are your friends that are supposed to be telling you, that while you know your job as parent is to raise your kids so that they can confidently and ably fly away, that it actually does happen? You are so focused on the raising that you never really focus on the actuality of flying away.  And who is preparing ME for this process? This is no doubt a momentous time for our family and for so many families who are also deeply involved in making sure the caps and gowns have been ordered, that you have the necessary tickets for family and friends to join you, and the many parties and gatherings that will follow.

I force myself to take a step back and remember that CHANGE is the natural order of things. That to embrace CHANGE keeps us positive, learning, engaged and sane(r). You don’t always have to love it, but to embrace it means that the positivity you can create with shifting your view of the changing state of the world keeps your feet more firmly planted.  The benefits rise from that solid base: firm foundation, clearer thinking.   For me, I know our world is in the process of reshaping itself and my kids; “our” kids are taking their next steps to define their destinies. They will fly, and our hope and dreams are that they soar.

And remember we all soar thanks to the dedication and sacrifice made by all members of our armed forces. I do try to be aware all year long of those who protect us around the globe and the many who have come before who have offered the ultimate to ensure that we can enjoy the gifts that a free society and democracy provide. We remember you, salute you and live our lives to honor your sacrifice.

Happy CHANGE everyone, embrace it!