Saying Hi: One More Week until Generation W!

genw-32714YUP…one week away from GENERATION W. Yes, it’s busy, and  yes, it’s exciting. We go over the program again and again and I can tell you that it fills me with such sense of gratitude and awe. So many amazing and accomplished people joining us for a day, so that we can all take away a personal treasure of learning, insight and knowledge. It’s about a new idea, a revitalized old idea, about sparking change and action. Four people will be presenting their personal thoughts on what Imagining the Possible represents to them. Carla Harris, Dr. Richard Lapchick, Mary Ann Wasil and even me, I get to bring it home. We all have our unique stories to share of inspiration, aspirations and expectations. We also like to surprise and delight you and those moments are ready for their big reveal…did I hear an “Oprah moment” anyone?

There are still seats available. We really don’t want any empty ones…. It would be a shame for someone to miss a day where imagination and possibilities become the template for leadership and action.