Saying Hi: Networking & Connecting

networking_groups_for_women_50__92825383Meeting new people, networking and connecting are some of the great benefits of GENERATION W. This year, we’ve enhanced the great connections of Generation W by utilizing an online networking app, Bizzabo. Bizzabo is a free, location-based mobile app you can download to any of your mobile devices or even “check-in” by computer using your LinkedIn profile.

For its users, it posts up-to-date information on an event’s schedule and agenda, as well as gives you all the latest “buzz” about the event from social media networks such as Twitter. It also connects you with others in your event community and lets you browse through their profiles and see who you might want to connect with before or during the event.

In essence: Bizzabo is a way to streamline networking at conferences without having to download a new app for every new event you go to, or have your LinkedIn and Twitter constantly updating by your side. Visit the Generation W Bizzabo community here: