Saying Hi: Guest Post from Laura Morey

Guest post from Laura Morey, an actor based in North Florida and host of Simple Solutions Diva–


laura-moreyThe Hi Generation W!

I am so excited to be working with Tina Lifford, Donna Orender and Generation W on the play, The Circle.  This is a beautiful play that illustrates the personal struggles & challenges of seven women who, together, ultimately learn how to stop carrying all that ‘baggage’ life puts upon them.

When I sat down to read the script to prepare my audition, I was struck by how there were so many characters I could identify with. Made it hard to choose a character to audition for!  I think anyone who comes to the show will find one character (or a combination of characters) they can relate to.  I especially love how these women come together and open their hearts without fear of critique!  

I am so happy that my teenaged daughters, along with my husband and in-laws, will be attending this play. It is my hope they will have a better sense of how powerful and strong they are, even when life’s ‘baggage’ may weigh them down.  

The take away for me, with this play, is that women are powerful elements of change. It is not about being perfect; perfection is just a projection we want the world to see.  To feel safe when dropping that projection of perfection, that is when the magic can happen. 

When women can come together in an honest and supportive environment, without judgment, they have the ability to change themselves, to change their world, and to help each other to grow.  

Kind of sounds a lot like the goals of Generation W, doesn’t it?  

That’s why I’m a part of this project and a part of Generation W.  I hope you will join Tina Lifford, myself, and the rest of the cast of The Circle, for an incredible evening.  This is the weekend, August 24 and 25th, and the Alhambra is beginning to fill up!

Laura Morey

(Laura Morey is playing the role of Joyce in The Circle.)