Saying Hi: 15 Days until Generation W!

By Donna Orender

keep-calm-only-15-days-left-13Registrations come in every day and we are excited about each and every one of them. I do want to remind you about BIZZABO, our online networking app, as we want to help you maximize your opportunities to connect with friends and colleagues you do know, but also the new friends and colleages that you have the opportunity to meet. Please check it out and find us at

One of my favorite things about the GENERATION W community is how we prioritize doing good and doing well. Companies that place a premium on contributing to the greater good are demonstrating that doing the kind of work that is socially conscious can also produce quality economic returns. Women such as as Saudia Davis of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning, Kristin Keen of Rethreaded, Sandy Bartow of JAX Chamber Foundation and Allison Keller of PGA TOUR are dynamic women pursuing their passions, and can speak to us first-hand about DOING GOOD AND DOING WELL. The fantastic Shelley Diamond of Young & Rubicam will lead a thought-provoking discussion on social entrepreneurship that will definitely get us thinking about how we choose with whom and how we do business.

Please be sure to stop by our website to check out what’s new and what’s hot, speaker info and programming for the event. April 4th will be here soon — and we can’t wait to see all of you!