Paint the 2014 Canvas of Your Life: It’s Not Too Late to Set Your 2014 Intentions

By Dale Beaman

paint copyWe are in February, and if you haven’t set your goals or intentions for the year, it’s not too late! Knowing what you want and setting your intentions are important to creating a meaningful life and satisfying career.

Recently, I was invited to spend time with a group of amazing women to affirm our big goal and intention for 2014. There’s nothing better than being with like minded diverse women who want to support one another on their journey.

We all knew that this activity would be important because as we enter February the excitement around New Year’s Resolutions typically wanes with the hustle and bustle of a new year. I want to share our inspiring and affirming process so that you have a way to explore and get on track with what you really want for your 2014.

Step 1:  Pick Your 2014 Theme. What will this be the year of for you?  Image you have a blank canvas and you can fill it with your heart’s biggest desire. Now select your 2014 theme that will make this a gratifying year for you. In other words, the theme is about setting an intention of what will make this an ideal year. The “ideal” ignites the fire in you! For example, your theme may be connecting with friends and family, life balance, courageous leadership, a more spiritual life, or being a rainmaker for your business.  My personal theme is speaking and writing more to deliver my message.

Step 2:  Find Images for the Canvas of Your Life. A creative fun way to begin is to get a few of your favorite magazines and clip several images you are attracted to. Let your intuition guide you to the pictures that deeply resonate with you.  If you are unsure of your theme, let the images speak to you. What do you like about the image? How does a particular image inspire or encourage you? I found an image of a stage with the words “No more hiding back stage”. This image evokes my desire to express more through writing and speaking.

Step 3:  Paint Your Canvas.  For this activity, you will need thick stock paper or a canvas the size of an 8.5” by 11” piece of paper. Of course, you can choose a smaller or larger size if you prefer. It’s best if you pick a size that you will want to keep on your desk.  Once you find the images that delight you, arrange and glue them to your canvas. Some people like to keep it simple by choosing just one image that represents their 2014 theme or intention. You may want to include a favorite inspirational quote and add color with paint or markers to make it an appealing visual that catches the eyes of your heart and soul.  When you have completed creating your theme on the canvas, consider writing about the significance of the images, colors and words to discover hidden meaning. I also encourage you to share your intention and artwork with people that will support you.

Step 4:  Select a Positive Change and Make it a Habit.  The next step is to move your theme/intention into action.  Research shows that focusing on changing one habit at a time offers a better chance for success. To begin, decide on one positive habit that will move you in the direction of your big intention this year.  For example, I want to write more. My habit is going to be writing a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week. This moves me toward being a writer. If your theme is about life balance, what is the one habit you can start that will keep you in check with a more harmonious life?

Step 5Set an Action Trigger for Your New Habit.  One of the best ways to jumpstart a new habit is to find a trigger. The trigger is an existing habit that reminds you of the new habit you are developing. You will want your new habit to become a routine like brushing your teeth. It becomes easier when your new habit follows an existing habit (the trigger). For example, early each morning, I have tea. I’ve decided to build off this regular habit and add my 30 minute writing ritual.  Tea is the trigger to prepare to write. You want your new habit to become automatic and propel you towards your 2014 intention. Be patient with yourself. It takes 21 days to form a new habit.

This is a powerful activity that you can do with your friends or by yourself. Either way, find support and continue to share your intention and your new habit that aligns with your 2014 theme.  Keep your 2014 canvas in a place where you will see it every day. Let your canvas remind you of your desired intention. Make this your best year ever!

Please contact me at, if you would like support setting your intentions/goals and would like to take the journey to create the life and work you desire.


DaleBeaman-259x300About the Author
Dale Beaman, a leadership coach, facilitator and speaker, serves as a catalyst for creating positive change and transformation. She specializes in guiding clients to navigate values, discover purpose and create vision that unleashes potential. Her personal philosophy is “when we live our deepest values, connect to our purpose and find our direction, we experience more meaning, health and happiness.”