Organized Travel: And The Living Is Easy

By Julie Bavington


8526503079_d12b390b13_zIt is Summer. Family travel season is here.  How do we get it all together and have fun too?  Start with a packing list –  not just because I LOVE lists, but because they free up brain space (and Lord knows I need that!) and make packing easier – and fun!

  • Pack in outfits
  • Keep things neutral to mix and match
  • Remember your destination (formal attire needed?, swimsuits are a must)
  • Heat and messes may require extra wardrobe changes
  • Staying in one spot for an extended time? Is doing laundry an option?

Other tips that will keep travel fun:

  • Call the attractions and make sure they are open when you are planning to be there. Finding their website is an ok alternative, BUT if it is not current or does not list special events then the phone call may be worth it. This will help you build a specific itinerary.
  • Make up an itinerary ahead of time.  Feel free to keep it loose, but know location and hours of attractions you want to visit.
  • Question the definitions of amenities and extras.

Is there a hair dryer and a coffee pot available in the room? How about a fridge/freezer and a microwave? Does the cabin have its own linens or do we need to pack? (Yep I’ve been on the “What do you mean we were supposed to bring our own sheets and towels?” vacation. It was not pretty.) Does “crib availability” mean that they have actual portable-cribs available? Or will they be bringing up an ancient-death-trap pack and play? These are all pertinent things to find out BEFORE packing.  Also note that there are varying definitions of the word “suite” when booking a hotel.  Some may mean separate sleeping and living quarters.  Some may mean one large room with a sofa bed.  In some cases we have actually gotten a FULL kitchen!  “Breakfast Included” can also be a misleading term.  Is it a breakfast of Little Debbie’s or a hot breakfast bar fit for a king, complete with eggs and waffles?  These are all good things to know!  (please note:  I am not knocking the nutritional or yummification of a breakfast of Oatmeal Cream Pies.  I am just saying it is good to know ahead of time.)

Now it’s your turn.  Share with me seasoned travelers.  What are your tidbits of fun for organized travel?




About the Author
Julie Bavington has been a Professional Organizer in Jacksonville, Florida since 2007. Her areas of expertise include conquering paper clutter, setting up residential and office organizing systems, decluttering homes, and teaching through hands-on training. Julie has spoken to several local groups, including MOPS, MEMS, Women Enlightened, Watson Realty and other professional associations. She has been featured in the Florida Times-Union, Life: Beautiful, The Expectant Mother’s Guide, and several online publications. Professional associations include the National Association of Professional Organizers ( and Faithful Organizers

image courtesy of Susana Fernandez/BY CC 2.0