What’s YOUR Riptide?

by Mary Ann Wasil


rip-currentsYesterday was my 18th weekly chemotherapy treatment in a row. This latest twist in my “wellness challenge” has been a monster riptide and I am often asked how I deal with this constant uncertainty of living with metastatic breast cancer that goes from “stable” to “active” in the blink of an eye.

I don’t know for sure, but if I were a betting gal, I’d bet my entire shoe collection that every single one of you reading this has dealt with something completely out of your control at least once in your lives.

For me, life is like a day at the beach; sunny, cloud-free, warm sand, cool clear water, and I feel safe enough to go for a swim.

My illness sneaks up on me like a riptide. If I panic and fight, I’m likely to drown.

Resisting the urge to fight and instead allowing the riptide to carry me takes some fierce determination.

I’ll most certainly end up a lot farther down the beach from where I started, but maybe, just maybe, that stretch of beach is more beautiful than where I began.

I’ve come to recognize the riptides, so I’m able to float along the shoreline and know that wherever I end up, no matter how far from anything that is familiar or comfortable, or even recognizable, I’ll step on shore and take a deep breath and enjoy what is left of this glorious day at the beach!