Manage Your Business Workflow

Managing WorkflowThe back to school rush has wound down. The fall schedules are set.  As women in business what do we focus on now?

Business workflow.

It’s necessary. It makes work life easier. It buys you time and peace of mind.

What is it?  Think of workflow as an assembly line for the daily tasks you do that make your business run.

How do I do it? Take all the repeating tasks in your everyday business. Set up a system. Keep it the same on your personalized assembly line.

Is it worth it? Having an established workflow keeps things flowing. It gives your work an order. This keeps clients and tasks from falling through the cracks. Having more clients in your queue means more potential for profit.

What’s the point? Well, having workflow frees up some brain space. If there is a routine for how to do a task that task becomes more automatic.   As an added bonus, if you need to train someone else to work with you (or for you) there will already be a system in place for how things should be done.

Where can I use workflow?

  • Tracking clients. Tracking progress. Social media. Budgeting.
  • Project management. How do we get from the initial phone call to the first appointment and beyond? Create workflow.
  • There are even sources on the internet to help you program and automate your workflow!

As a Professional Organizer, I see workflow in all aspects of life. When I am going through the morning routine with my family, I use workflow processes. When I am processing a client – from intake, to first Consultation, through each session – I use workflow. It is the same formula each time, varied for individual needs, but the same process to move forward.