Making Extraordinary Connections in Ordinary Places

By Mia Hall

On one perfect, sunlit, wind crisp, Sunday afternoon, the founders of DFRAGG, Sajaad and Julian, were having an intense meeting of the minds when I came in to a quaint Brooklyn Coffee Shop to finish up my Jordan Brand Dispute article. Since this particular shop is pretty petite, there is one table that anyone who wanted to have seat shared, so we were at the same table. Being the “Queen of Curiosity” I am, I had to find out what they were working on so viciously.

“Is that a Macbook?” I asked Sajaad, looking toward his laptop. I actually was thinking about purchasing a laptop at the time, though it did double as a way to break the ice. “It’s a MacbookPro,” he replied. Feeling shot down, but humored by his jest, I chuckled and went back to work.

“Coincidentally,” another young woman came in and asked about Sajaad’s computer, as she waited for her food. She said she was interested in purchasing a laptop as well (yes I was ear-hustling) though I believe she was as happy as anyone else to see young, cool, handsome, AfroPunk-esque men “getting it done” and was curious of what they were working on. “I was thinking about getting a PC,” the young woman stated. “No way!” Sajaad suggested. They both looked at my Hewlett-Packard.

She picked up her food, left and the dynamic duo’s conversation commenced. Moments later, my table mates and I began to speak. We politic’d about what we each were working on and I became fascinated with their story: two friends who grew up together in Queens and were always into technology, decided to collaborate and create a destination for young urbanites to find the latest tech and lifestyle trends. Fresh.

We exchanged social information and stayed in touch. I have always been impressed by their content.

I got a new laptop under their direction and a couple of months ago, we spoke about working on an article together for I loved the idea they thought of and though I had a few hurdles to get over before completing it, last week, my DFRAGG debut was born!

The next time you think about working from home, during the day, take a trip to your local coffee shop. The next time you are working in a coffee shop, take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and expand your network by making a live connection offline.

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miaAbout the Author
Mia Hall is a sports and entertainment reporter specializing in the business of sport. She has worked with organizations such as the NBA, NY Knicks, Black Enterprise, The Basketball Channel, The High School of Sports Management, and is currently with the new Barclay’s Center. She is passionate about the youth of today and committed to nonprofits such as PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and other youth empowering organizations.