Mad Love to Some of My Favorite Marketing to Women Campaigns

By Patti Minglin
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During this Month of Love, I wanted to share some of the marketing to women campaigns that I love.  While more and more brands understand the importance of female consumers, we still have to dig to find marketing to women gold when it comes to overall advertising.  Why?  Perhaps it is because women only represent 3% of creative directors.  “There are only three consumer categories where men dominate purchases, yet agencies still talk about ‘women’s accounts’ as mops and makeup,” writes Kat Gordon, founder of the 3% Conference.  “The advertising business is a $33 billion industry. Misunderstanding female consumers, from a business perspective, is sheer lunacy.”

So, here’s a little love to those advertisers who do understand their female consumers:


Pantene “Labels Against Women”
We love how this campaign boldly talks about the gender bias that does—much to our dismay—still exist in our world.  It’s empowering and thought provoking, two things that make it more than just a campaign.

Dove Real Beauty “Sketches”
Women tend to be their own worst critics—especially when it comes to our physical appearance.  This campaign shows us that ALL women are beautiful—we just need to see ourselves through the eyes of others.

Under Armour Women  “Protect This House”
I am a big fan of Under Armour for they have changed the way we look at female athletes.  From this spot they ran almost 3 years ago to recently announcing their latest endorsed athlete is Misty Copeland, a ballerina with the American Ballet Theatre, this brand sees the athlete inside the woman.

GoldieBlox “Official Big Game XLVIII”
OK, I was a little dismayed at the whole Goldieblox vs. Beastie Boys controversy, but I can’t help but love what this brand is doing to inspire girls and I their commercials, especially this one from the 2014 Super Bowl, not only appeal to the younger female demographic, but appeal to their moms.  Go girl!



pattimAbout the Author
Patti Minglin is a sales and marketing expert with substantial experience in marketing to women and marketing to moms. She is a product of the publishing industry having spent more than 17 years in senior executive positions in circulation, advertising, marketing and new product development.  Patti served as the Associate Publisher- Advertising/Marketing for Chicago Parent and launched Go Girl Communications, a sales and marketing consultancy, in the spring of 2011.