Keys to Golf Success

By Mary Hafeman

I’d like to give you a few keys to a successful golf game!  We guarantee it!

  1. On the first tee – see where you want to drive the ball. Set reasonable goals– and develop a game plan on how you are going to get the ball to the target in your mind – put that plan to action and repeat it throughout your game.
  2. Develop a good repeatable golf swing that starts with pre-swing fundamentals which include; solid grip, stance, posture, and proper alignment.
  3. Purchase the right equipment that is matched to your swing and technique by a PGA Professional.
  4. You’ll need an efficient relaxed, comfortable smooth golf swing that is developed with practice and the correct instruction.  Develop rapport with a PGA golf instructor and learn/understand your swing and game!
  5. Get your body into shape!  Golf is a physical sport – stretch and develops your much needed golf muscles – the quads and abs!
  6. Learn all you can about the game including rules and etiquette.  Golf is a social game that is played quickly.
  7. Have a great attitude – golf is fun!  You’ll love the game by setting reasonable goals with patience, perseverance, correct practice and coaching with a PGA Professional taking consistent coaching lessons for your overall game. You will see how your game develops over time!

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ireland_2008_165-1_full1-150x150About the Author
Mary E. Hafeman, President and Owner of Fore in One Golf Services, is a highly regarded, accomplished player, instructor and operations specialist within the golf industry. In 2009, she created Mary Hafeman Golf Experience, a web-based community to fit the needs of a growing network of people interested in all facets of the game. Mary Hafeman Golf Experience provides a realm of experiences, from exceptional golf instruction, inclusive player development programs, customized travel, tournaments and outing series, to social networking opportunities for players of all levels.  Mary is a former player on the LPGA Tour, one of the games’s “Top 50 Teachers” according to Golf for Women magazine and recognized as a ”Top Teacher” by region by Golf Magazine.