Keep Your Golf Game up to Par…Even during the Winter

By Mary Hafeman

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The holiday season is terrific but now it is January 2014. The holiday season is over.   We’re all trying to get our lives back to our normal routine.  It’s been challenging all over the country with the weather conditions not exactly conducive to going outside even here in Florida.   This weather challenges us to keep our golf game up to par!  What can you do indoors to get yourself ready when the weather is good to play well right away?  Your swing is just 1/3 of what you need to be a good player. The other areas that I ask my students to focus on are their bodies and minds.  Here are some areas you can work on:

1. Physical fitness – Find a trainer, talk about a golf fitness program focused on strengthen your abs and gluts the main power sources for your swing.  Golf specific fitness programs are available through Titleist Performance Trainers.  View for more information.

2.  Stretching – maintain a really good golf specific stretching program.  Try out Yoga – Yoga for Golf Programs that are available around the country. Check out

3. There are a lot of really good books on the market to help golfers to improve their mental preparation.  Golf is an awesome game that is ever changing, I like to read books to motivate me, give me new ideas on how to practice, prepare and have fun on the course especially when the weather is bad.  This year I am reading Dr. Rick Jensen’s “Easier Said Than Done”, “The Mental Mastery Program” by Missie Berteotti and “The Game Before The Game” by Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson.  What area do you want to improve in your game?  Research it on line – there is a lot of great information out there.

Lastly, you can always schedule a golf clinic, school, weekend at a golf camp around the US.  I host several fun weekend programs in the Jacksonville, Florida area during the winter months.  Please visit my website for more information or contact me at or 904-233-0989.  I will customize a fun program for you! Guaranteed improvement

Enjoy the winter season it’s a great time for reflection, planning and looking forward to starting up playing golf when the weather improves.


ireland_2008_165-1_full1-150x150About the Author
Mary E. Hafeman, President and Owner of Fore in One Golf Services, is a highly regarded, accomplished player, instructor and operations specialist within the golf industry. In 2009, she created Mary Hafeman Golf Experience, a web-based community to fit the needs of a growing network of people interested in all facets of the game. Mary Hafeman Golf Experience provides a realm of experiences, from exceptional golf instruction, inclusive player development programs, customized travel, tournaments and outing series, to social networking opportunities for players of all levels.  Mary is a former player on the LPGA Tour, one of the games’s “Top 50 Teachers” according to Golf for Women magazine and recognized as a ”Top Teacher” by region by Golf Magazine.