Interview with Jeannette Perez, Vice President of Sony Music

By Mia Hall

The top artists in the industry were showcased and honored at the Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday; nonetheless, the work that it took to develop these artists into the powerhouses we see on television is not to be overlooked. You may not see Sony Vice President Jeannette Perez on stage, but you do see the results of her years of hard work she has put into developing artists and making sure their music is heard around the world.

large-15Jim Rohn says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” When following your passion, make sure to take time to learn from someone that well into the place you desire to be. You never know what you will learn, especially if you do not ask! I asked Jeannette Perez for a brief moment of her time and here is what I learned.

Jeannette Perez grew up in Florida where she gained an interested in law and film. Perez’s parents, originally from the Dominican Republic, instilled in her a strong sense of confidence and discipline. “My parents, education and hard work ethic definitely helped me get to where I am today,” Jeanette described. “I always knew that if I studied hard and did well in school, I would go far,” and that she did. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Jeannette studied law at the University of Miami, graduated and went on to pass the bar in Florida, New Jersey and New York.

While in school, Jeannette built relationships with mentors that she still stays in touch with today. “Wherever I worked, I made sure that I left an impact on people, so that they would remember me,” she effused. Jeannette’s efforts led her to be recommended for Sony’s executive development program. She credits much of what she learned as a law student, including analytic and time management skills, to her early success. As Vice President of Music for Brands & Advertising/Licensing, she still gives back by speaking at events and volunteering her time to help others gain momentum on similar paths.

Jeannette believes that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is important to being successful in any industry. She does not neglect taking time to recharge and connect with her family and friends. She also likes to read, mostly fiction. She suggested All you Need to Know about the Music Business, for music industry up-and-comers, The Imperfectionist (novel) for writers, Getting to Yes, and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office for women shattering glass ceilings in the corporate world.

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