Saying Hi: Imagining the Possible

By Donna Orender

logo1Should it be any other way?

There’s a mountain in Steamboat Colorado that is steep and long and scary… I should add that I am scared of heights. And with the coaxing of some friends, and it does take coaxing friends to make it in this world, I hiked up that mountain., in the snow of course. It was still daunting and steep, but I imagined it possible.

Should it be any other way? To do so, makes it either unimaginable or impossible, and those two options just can’t be part of the equation if you want to live a life filled with possibilities and opportunities.

IMAGINING the POSSIBLE frames a life of options, of experiences, of commitments to try, to fulfill, to accomplish. It buoys my spirit every day, especially as we sit and plan this year’s GENERATION W.  The mountain of possibilities, though daunting and steep and even scary with the prospect of failure and success (oh, yes, success can generate fear as well), makes me hopeful.  For this year, Generation W, our GENERATION WOW, our GENERATION WE will be inspired to more than IMAGINE the POSSIBLE–we will be encouraged to create the possible. Words to action makes me tick.

In an effort to move words into action, we are launching our new digital community this week. What we IMAGINE is the POSSIBILITY of creating a vibrant community together. Please do join us….let us be educated, inspired and connected together, right here at, our home for imagining and realizing the possible.

Happy New Year to everyone!


donnaAbout the Author
Excelling in executive leadership positions in the challenging business of sports, Donna Orender is a game changer. She excels in focused visionary input, keen pragmatic analysis and a unique ability to lead people in new directions. Her influence in the business world has been garnered through her ability to consistently deliver results, her fearless resolve to think outside the box and her desire to champion great ideas and great people.