How to End What Doesn’t Have an Ending

NoEnd“We do not have to know how to end what doesn’t have an ending,” writes Tina Lifford in her latest blog. “We only need to commit to taking the small steps that are ours to take.”

As Tina wraps up her recent blog series exploring racism, she takes a look back at the strategies she has shared for strengthening our inner selves and how this strength empowers us along the path to social change.  “Attention to these strategies will keep you strong for the long haul,” adds Tina.  Some of her insights:

  • A recurring issue or setback is not a sign of failure, but rather it is evidence that additional healing is needed.
  • Discovering what lives inside of us empowers our ability to change.
  • Our past experiences and interpretations create default assumptions that we must begin to challenge.

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“To forge change we must turn the insights acquired here and elsewhere into action,” continues Tina. “Applying new insights to current life challenges creates more fulfilled and powerful lives. Lessons learned will support the dismantling of bigger issues, including racism.”






Tina Lifford

Tina Lifford, who is currently in rehearsals for the world premiere of CITIZEN: An American Lyric, is doing a series of blogs while she is mounting the stage show–taking us all on a journey of exploring racism through the lens of working on this play not only as an artist, but also as an inner fitness trainer focused on emotional healing.  This is the final post in her series.  You can read all of Tina’s posts on her website: