Happy Mother’s Day

By Donna Orender


8730827454_c42cc36b7b_zI find myself thinking about motherhood a lot these days. I think about my mom and how grateful I am to still have her in my life and, especially, the lives of my sons. They have a special relationship and it gives me so much joy, as it does her, to see them interact in often loving and sometimes hilarious ways. The intergenerational transmission of love, values and history is so very special and truly a gift. I know this first-hand from the special relationship I had with my own grandmother.

I think of my sons who, as they mature, provide feedback on my own mothering skills — something they do quite often now. I worry. I worry for what has been, what is to be and, in the whir of of everyday, I worry for what is. Sometimes Generation W is Generation Worry. That said, my love for my kids is what sustains me, fuels me and makes me crazy every single day.

There is no guidebook for being a mother. We take it as it comes, consult our friends, talk to our moms, check Google (my favorite query: “what would a good mom do in this situation?”) and relish the joy and the frustrations as we hope that we just don’t screw it up. It’s the most important job in the world and I am amazed by all the women who work so hard to make it work for their families. Every day is mother’s day, but not every mother’s day comes with flowers and gifts and a pause to celebrate that special bond. To all, Happy Mother’s Day!


image courtesy of Sheree Altobelle/CC BY 2.0