Get Active on Social Media

By Angie Orth

Diving headfirst into the world of social media can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never even dipped a toe in. But trust me, as someone who travels 250 nights a year, the benefits of staying connected outweigh any fears I ever had about the usefulness of social networking. Check out these tips on beginning a productive relationship with connectivity.

  1. Choose your networks carefully. Unless you’re a social media guru, chances are you won’t need to be active on more than a couple of networks. Ask your friends & family which platforms they use most often, snoop around and find out where your peers and colleagues are active, and start there. You’ll find it’s much easier to learn platforms where you already have an established list of contacts. Facebook and Twitter are widely used and a great place to start, and once you’ve grown comfortable with those, check out some of the other user friendly networks like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  2. Ask a friend to walk you through the platforms. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with questions once you’ve signed up (How do privacy settings work? What’s a news feed? How do I Tweet? How do I tag friends?), consider asking a trusted friend (or neighborhood kid) to help get you started. Usually, there are a few easy tweaks that can be made to optimize your user experience, get rid of unwanted ads and customize your profile that will put you in the midst of the action much quicker than if you had to figure it all out yourself.
  3. Just observe. Don’t feel like you have to Tweet and Facebook 50 times a day to glean benefits from your networks. Twitter, Facebook and their friends are ideal places to sit back and watch what others are saying, whether it’s breaking news about the latest winter storm or snarky commentary about the fashions at the Academy Awards.
  4. Download apps so you can network on the go. If you have a smartphone, be sure to download the corresponding applications for any networks you are experimenting with. You’ll be much more likely to actively participate if you can access your accounts on the go.
  5. Dive in. There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter. That’s a huge percentage of the world’s population chatting away about current events, news, entertainment and of course, the Harlem Shake. Don’t miss out!


angie-orth-150x150About the Author
Angie wears many hats; social media consultant, project-based publicist, travel blogger, freelance journalist, big sister and adventurer. A Gator grad born and raised in Jacksonville, Angie spent the past two years traveling the world alone and writing about it in magazines and on her blog. Prior to that, she worked in NYC at Weber Shandwick, the world’s largest PR agency, where she represented some of the biggest names in travel.