Generation WORKS: Making a Difference

genw-12916My good friend Sanyin Siang, who is such a generous leader, serves as the Executive Director of the Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics. She recently wrote a profound piece for her LinkedIn blog on how to become a creative altruist. Her inspiration was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who, as Sanyin writes, “calls us to actively seek ways to elevate the needs of others within our society.” When we elevate the needs of others – when we intentionally find ways to help others – we elevate ourselves in the process.

All I can say is AMEN! As we make our final preparations for Generation WORKS, I am reminded by the coming together of our community just how motivated we are to make a difference right here where we live. Whether it is a fresh coat of paint, new sod in a yard, the planting of a vegetable garden or the packing of healthy snacks and food, the impact is real. It is delivered with heartfelt intent and received in like kind. We have 15 agencies, 18 projects that will engage 500 Volunteers on FEBRUARY 6 in this, the 2nd year of Generation WORKS. It is not too late to find a project that speaks to you, so SIGN UP NOW for a day that truly makes a difference. A special thank-you to Leslie Slover, head of Deutsche Bank Jacksonville, who speaks up and out about our responsibility to each other and to our greater commuity to do our part. Thanks to you, Leslie, for motivating us, and to your team as well.

Speaking of making a difference … I cannot wait to share with you the details of Generation W 2016! Celebrating 5 years of inspiration, the proram is coming together, featuring powerhouse presenters on topics that will challenge our thinking, inspire our spirit, teach us, delight us, educate us, connect us and motivate us! Are you ready? Grab your tickets online (early bird pricing will be ending soon!) and be a part of the community that has been changing lives for the better, Generation W – April 8, 2016! Hosted with the University of North Florida.


by Donna Orender