Generation W Partners with Arbus

By Donna Orender

It was just one of those casual connections. An email invitation to meet – SURE. I had seen ARBUS Magazine around town and am a fan of the arts and the idea of connecting business to the arts was a good one.

Meeting Cinda Sherman, the founder and publisher was wonderful. Actually, truth be known, having the opportunity to meet so many interesting, accomplished and amazing women is one of life’s joys. I admired that she was a sole proprietor pursuing her dream and of course I wanted to figure out a way to support her.

One conversation led to a few more and the idea of a special section on GENERATION W was born. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to create the new out of thin air.. but Cinda led the way, after all that is what she does each and every month. The results of a passionate pursuit of great content, friendship and women working to support each other is what you see.

We are grateful to Arbus, to Cinda and to all who helped make the first GENERATION W special pull out section as well executed and received as it has been. To quote Cinda”

“by taking the art off the walls of the museums and out into the community” we are helping readers understand that “the arts are not a luxury; they contribute to valuable economic prosperity.”


donnaAbout the Author
Excelling in executive leadership positions in the challenging business of sports, Donna Orender is a game changer. She excels in focused visionary input, keen pragmatic analysis and a unique ability to lead people in new directions. Her influence in the business world has been garnered through her ability to consistently deliver results, her fearless resolve to think outside the box and her desire to champion great ideas and great people.