From Good to Nothing Short of Greatness

By Mia Hall

“I AM – Nothing Short of Greatness!” was the chant heard theatre-wide at NSOG 2013 in New York City. For the second year, Rondell Anderson brought international best-selling author and speaker Eric Thomas, and this time added Ryan Carson and Tilmon Keaton to the motivational mix, to equip the hungry, ready, willing and able with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Rondell was first introduced to the opening speakers’ popular youtube videos online and was so impressed, he invited them up to New York to provide a perfect complement to the day’s activities.

Founders of Imperial Lighthouse Productions Tilmon and Ryan riled up the crowd with an explosive spoken word performance. Colored with a tender Tennessee twang, they spoke soulful soliloquies reminiscent of the sound of civil rights speeches of the Sixties. The dynamic duo brought powerful principles through prose. With I AM boldly printed across their chest, they shared stories of love and hate, trials and triumphs, victories and vicissitudes, along with a few things to remember while on the path to achieving Nothing Short of Greatness:

  1. Success is your only option
  2. You must learn how to accept your greatness
  3. Change your mentality and you will change your reality

They ended with their poem Grace that brought the crowd to their feet. Attendees stayed standing as the night’s featured speaker, author of The Secret to Success – Mr. Thank God it’s Monday! himself, was introduced.

Pumped as a Michelin tire from Detroit, by way of Yankee Stadium and Major League Baseball this particular weekend, Eric Thomas did not bring flames to watch the crowd burn up and burn out a week later, but to refine them into the precious metals they were meant to be. He explained from the very beginning, “Today is not about you feeling high and getting pumped up, then next week you’re acting the same way you did before.” He was there to help the attendees see real change in their behavior in order to not only get their money’s worth and but to really obtain greatness.

“I’m not a theorist,” ET announced. For the next 30 minutes, he did not introduce “suggestions” he thought would work, but he gave the crowd lessons that he used to progress exponentially, even over the past year. Some of these nuggets included:

  1. Stop Lying: Let your actions match your words
  2. Take Advantage of Opportunities: Act on your dreams swiftly after you speak them into existence, otherwise they will expire
  3. Study the great, but do not mimic them: Be yourself

After an interactive session with “the Hip Hop Preacher,” where he dropped bombs that no one present can forget, he, Ryan, and Tilmon stayed to answer questions, sell merchandise and sign autographs.

At the beginning of the question and answer session I asked: “How do you overcome indecisiveness?,” as I was really concerned that it was hindering my growth. Tilmon answered the question and said in sum, you have to make a decision on what you are going to do. You can not have a plan B, C, and D if your plan A does not work out, you have to choose something and stay committed to it with all diligence.

All that was instilled in me that day led me to make a decision that I am building upon each day and have gained accountability to stay committed to, until it is finished. Indecisiveness was holding me back and I made the decision to not let it hinder my growth anymore. I also made practical decisions in the areas I knew a choice had to be made.

Can you identify an area of struggle and what may be holding you back? If indecisiveness is one of your ills, make a decision and make it happen! It will change your life.

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miaAbout the Author
Mia Hall is a sports and entertainment reporter specializing in the business of sport. She has worked with organizations such as the NBA, NY Knicks, Black Enterprise, The Basketball Channel, The High School of Sports Management, and is currently with the new Barclay’s Center. She is passionate about the youth of today and committed to nonprofits such as PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and other youth empowering organizations.