Every Job Has Its Perks

By Donna Orender

Every job has its perks. It’s the real reason we work… sure there are practical realities to earning a paycheck and if you are lucky, health benefits and some vacation. But for most, that is not the soul satisfying, heart string pulling, intrinsic motivation for getting us up every morning. It’s the real and meaningful connections that we make in doing something that means a lot to ourselves.

This past week, I was sitting in Starbucks in Jax Beach. It’s become a regular meeting place and it’s always fun to see some folks you know and try to guess about the people you don’t. I happened to be meeting a “blind date” friend. A mutual friend thought we should meet and so we did. My “date” was a supremely interesting woman, rather larger than life and someone I would meet in New York more readily than here. We laughed, we told stories, and before long we were connected to other women at Starbucks. Mel was there having a meeting on her new accessory line and then there was Sue, who none of us knew but was happy to jump into the mix. It’s that serendipitous connection that makes life full and interesting. It’s being open, willing to share and of course laugh.

It’s looking for the good in others, the desire to toot someone else’s horn as my dear friend Gerry Laybourne has touted… yes, she has touted tooting, that can just make a morning at Starbucks special.


About the Author
Excelling in executive leadership positions in the challenging business of sports, Donna Orender is a game changer. She excels in focused visionary input, keen pragmatic analysis and a unique ability to lead people in new directions. Her influence in the business world has been garnered through her ability to consistently deliver results, her fearless resolve to think outside the box and her desire to champion great ideas and great people.