Don’t Just Navigate–CREATE! How Contributing Can Help End Your Job Search

By Mia Hall



While working at my previous post, I was looking for a new job for two years. I loved my job, nonetheless, in the position I held, there was no room for growth.

Thankfully, after my long search, networking, and doing what I thought would eventually lead to a new horizon of employment…while reading a blog post, I had an “A Ha…” moment, one that causes a paradigm shift or a change from one way of thinking to a totally different perspective, the time where all that you have been thinking and dreaming about for as long as you can remember finally makes sense, came.

While reading Peter Robert Casey’s (PRC) 3rd Anniversary blog post, I greatly understood why he stopped searching a while prior to his post and started contributing. I mean, why not? At this time, I was writing for the company where I worked, and was starting to like the concept of blogging, so I thought I should focus more on my blog, see what I can do for others with my writing and oral communication skills, and help those younger or less experienced than me, to find their way through mentoring.

After reading the blog post, I slowed down my job search and really started “creating” instead. It was after reading this article that I started to get serious about what I wanted to contribute to the sports world. How am I going to use my life to make a difference? How will I land my dream job in sports?

I felt compelled to send Peter, the author, a note and start taking action on the burst of energy I felt when receiving my “revelation.” I started to figure out who could help me not only chase my media dreams, but map out a plan on how to fulfill them.

I called on my friend, Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes, a publicist and owner of Brydge Collectiove Media whom is one of the sharpest women in media I know. I set up a time to meet with her, in person. The energy I wanted to put into my launch into the media domain could not happen over the telephone.

After a longer-than-expected day at work, I thought about canceling. I then, honestly, thought about Kevin Hart. Of course he’s a non-sports figure, nonetheless, I remember watching his “Laugh at My Pain” movie where he talked about his journey. I knew if he could travel with his manager from Philadelphia to New York every day for almost two years, I could trek it from Brooklyn to Harlem on a late Tuesday night.

I sat in my friend’s Harlem brownstone for two hours while she folded she and her husband’s laundry. We went over my revelation/a ha moment from Peter’s post, long and short term goals, my recent assignments with Black Enterprise, my blog, my website, and her idea of how I can write my vision and make it plain.

She had some great insight, though I expected nothing less:

1. Aggregate my website and blog

2. Have an informational interview with someone whose social media presence I admire

3. Blog about my experience – logging the journey of becoming a sports writer and broadcaster

She told me more but this is a start. Simple enough for someone else to have a place to begin. I do hope that whether you want to be a sports writer, actress, lawyer, filmmaker, or circus clown assistant, in this day and age, I am sure a media strategy can help.

Things aren’t as hard as they seem before you give them a try. Godspeed in your pursuits and stay encouraged-all good things are upstream!


miaAbout the Author
Mia Hall is a sports and entertainment reporter specializing in the business of sport. She has worked with organizations such as the NBA, NY Knicks, Black Enterprise, The Basketball Channel, The High School of Sports Management, and is currently with the new Barclay’s Center. She is passionate about the youth of today and committed to nonprofits such as PowerPlay NYC, Inc. and other youth empowering organizations.