Donna’s Hi: The Power of Inspiration

genw-31116bOver the last several weeks we have been pouring over images, videos and quotes from the past four years of Generation W – it is a definite labor of love and amazingly rewarding. It’s like going through a big box of family photos – picking up each one, sharing a story about the people, the places, and reminiscing as a collective group about the wonderful memories each one touches in us.

There have been some amazing words of wisdom shared from our Generation W stage. “No matter what your talent, no matter what you do, you have the power to create change,” said speaker Elizabeth Gore back in 2012. That power to create change has been a thread woven throughout the Generation W program each year as we recognize the power we have inside each and every one of us.

“If you can’t toot your own horn, toot another woman’s horn,” said Gerry Laybourne in 2013.

“You must have an expectation that you will do well, that you will succeed,”explained Carla Harris in 2014.

“We need to help young people be what they cannot see,” encouraged Dr. Richard Lapchick, in 2015.

It is that power in all of its forms that has driven us year after year to bring together some of the smartest, most inspiring people we know to be on the Generation W stage, motivating us all to make impactful change in our lives and this world. And, this year we celebrate the words that have sustained us with a program that will educate, inspire and connect.

We will celebrate by introducing new faces to our stage such as Jay Newton-Small, Time reporter and author of Broad Influence; Alison Overholt, recently named and first woman editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine; and Admiral Mary Jackson, head of NAVY Southeast, a remarkable national leader who helps to ensure our freedom. They will be joined by many, including our beloved Fran Kinne, the first female president of a Florida university, right here at JU, and Geraldine Laybourne who has been one of the pioneering leaders of women’s equity throughout her celebrated business career. These amazing speakers will surprise and delight and move our spirits in a life-changing day, that we hope you will be a part of.

If you haven’t already registered, please head to our event site now (have you seen our new site – what do you think?). When you register, you will have the opportunity to choose your “Breakout Session” – yes, we agree, it is hard to select JUST ONE! Click here to see your Breakout Session choices.

One more option – let the festivities continue. On Saturday at noon, Hall of Fame golfer Hollis Stacey will host a golf clinic and lunch, experience absolutely not necessary, at Blue Sky Golf Club. We piloted this program last year and it was a huge success. We have a few slots left…guaranteed to be fun, as it should be. This is a great opportunity to continue the Generation W spirit. You can sign up here.





by Donna Orender