Continue to Imagine the Possible

By Julie Bavington


imagine-what-is-possibleWhen you imagine the possible, you are allowing yourself to dream.  And in so dreaming, you may allow yourself to become.  Be open to the dream of what is possible.  It is possible to reach that goal.  It is possible to salvage that relationship.  It is possible to be successful.  It is possible to get things done!

We often hear buzz words like: Goal setting, Priorities, Productivity.  These are great things to incorporate into your vision.  Set small goals to reach for the stars.  Align those goals with the important things in your life by knowing what your priorities are.  Work earnestly toward your end goal in a productive manner.

The next step beyond imagining the goal is to give it feet.  Take small steps and move forward.  Sure, you may feel like some days are two steps forward and one step back.  Keep going!  Cha-cha all the way to your dream!

Along your path you may find a few people who will encourage you (and many who will discourage you).  Pay attention to those who encourage.  Find someone who can be your mentor, answer your questions, and give you advise on your dream.  It may be someone in the same industry, a related industry, a person of faith, a friend, or someone you meet in a professional network.  Encouraging mentors can come from many places, so keep your eyes and your mind open.

Give it wings.  And find out that you can fly on this thing you had imagined just a short time ago.


Winter-2009-023-150x150About the Author
Julie Bavington has been a Professional Organizer in Jacksonville, Florida since 2007. Her areas of expertise include conquering paper clutter, setting up residential and office organizing systems, decluttering homes, and teaching through hands-on training. Julie has spoken to several local groups, including MOPS, MEMS, Women Enlightened, Watson Realty and other professional associations. She has been featured in the Florida Times-Union, Life: Beautiful, The Expectant Mother’s Guide, and several online publications. Professional associations include the National Association of Professional Organizers ( and Faithful Organizers.