College Football Season Is Here!

By Sarah Kirkwood

Fall has always been my favorite season.  The weather finally starts to cool off (a little bit), the leaves begin to change (in some parts of the country) and Saturdays are once again filled with college football!

We’re four weeks in to the best time of the year and I was finally able to make the trip to Gainesville for my first game as an alumna.  Although I watched our first two games from home and cheered on my team, I was missing something.  I was missing the pulse of the crowd- the way 90,000 people gasp, hold their breath and erupt in cheers seamlessly and in sync.

The city buzzed with anticipation throughout the morning and erupted with a renewed hope for the season when the clock ran out.  The love of the team and the pride in the school brings together thousands of people from hundreds of miles away.

It is truly incredible how a football game can bring people together.  Complete strangers bond over a favorite player or the moment that turned the game around.  Fans are able to enjoy a break from the things happening in their lives – game time is a time to forget about work, enjoy the thrill of a win (hopefully) and lose yourself in the experience.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy a college football game, I hope you get the opportunity to feel the pulse.  If you’re a dedicated fan and never miss a game, good luck to you and your team this weekend!


sarah-kirkwoodAbout the Author
Sarah Kirkwood was born and raised in Jacksonville and considers herself to be a true beach girl.  This soon-to-be Gator grad is finishing up her degree in public relations and is excited about the opportunities that await her after graduation.  A life-long love of sports and a first hand knowledge of how teams can positively impact a community has inspired her to seek a career in the sports field.