The Changing Role of Dad

Changing role of Dad in family dynamics causes us to see a change in marketing messages. [TWEET THIS]


With Father’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to add a little testosterone to our marketing-to-mom insight.  Experts agree that today’s Dad plays a more active role in parenting and in making family purchasing decisions.  Matter of fact, in a recent survey 75 percent of dads say they are more involved in raising their kids than their fathers were. Change in family dynamics also means we are seeing a change in marketing.  Gone are the days when Dad’s role in a marketing campaign was to look incompetent:

Today’s winning messaging shows a more realistic view of Dad’s involvement with the family and the household while also keeping a sharp-eye on the fact that Mom is still a major household player as well.  Here are three things you need to do to make sure your marketing messages hit the mark with Dad and Mom:


Talk to Dad — this seems obvious, but it is often missed. Many marketers wrap their marketing-to-dad efforts in pure marketing-to-mom moments. While some strategies cross over (storytelling, humor, etc.), a conversation with dad needs to resonate with, well, dads. The beauty of this campaign from Gillette is they hit those moments where Dad feels at his absolute parenting best — a win/win with both dads and moms.



Recognize Dad’s Involvement — The latest campaign from Dove Men+Care shows that Dad has an active role in parenting. What I especially love about this spot is that while it shows Dad as being a parent who can get things done, it also shows the fun side of Dad–proving once and for all that dads (and moms) can still be fun while also being responsible.



Don’t Ignore Mom — Never challenge Mom’s position of authority.  Going back a few years here (2011), but I am still in love with Google Chrome’s “Dear Sophie”.  It is important for a campaign to not only connect with Dad, but be something Mom can feel good about and appreciate.


Your Turn:  How do you think Dad’s role has changed most?





Patti Minglin