Change Racism? Behave Like an Ensemble


“Racism is taught. It takes practicing specific thoughts to become racist. When you lump people together in broad and sweeping generalities — see every black person or white person the same way — you are part of an old regime,”  writes Tina Lifford in her latest blog for Huffington Post, “5 Doable Ways You Can Change Racism.”

Here’s an excerpt:


Working together with this cast makes me certain that there exist far more of us good citizens who are capable of respecting one another, creating environments of safety, exercising our curiosity in productive ways, dialoguing and seeing one another as more alike than different.

These are simple doable strategies. In these ways, we good American citizens can begin to behave like an ensemble, and ultimately rewire the debilitating and dangerous sense of separation we have been taught to practice. This is the unscripted lesson I have found inside of CITIZEN.

Imagine what can happen when good people rally. What we achieve can be surprising and important.


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Tina Lifford, who is currently in rehearsals for the world premiere of CITIZEN: An American Lyric, is doing a series of blogs while she is mounting the stage show–taking us all on a journey of exploring racism through the lens of working on this play not only as an artist, but also as an inner fitness trainer focused on emotional healing.  This is the second post in her series.  You can read all of Tina’s posts on her website:



image courtesy of flickr CC/Martina Rigoli