Back in the Saddle

By Julie Bavington



Back in the saddle again.

For families in the area Fall has gotten into full swing.  We’ve been back in school for almost a month.  Extracurricular activities are starting.  We are past the Labor Day holiday.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!  Autumn is arriving.  And though it’s still warm and bright well into the evening, all too soon the holiday season will be upon us.  This means it’s a perfect time to set up systems in your home to help this school year run smoothly.  These systems will serve you well through this semester and beyond.

Start a single notebook to hold schedules, take out menus, favorite recipes, and information you need to access often.  This keeps paperwork in one single location while freeing up your kitchen countertops!

Set up a homework station complete with pencils, crayons, markers, a ruler, a calculator, extra paper, and anything else your child uses regularly.  If you don’t have room for your child to have their own desk (or if the kitchen table is just the preferred spot) use a container and make your homework station mobile.  Baskets, small plastic bins, and even shoeboxes are great for corralling all those homework supplies.

Prepare ahead of time.  Sunday night, prepare and pack as much as you can for the week’s lunches.  Each day then becomes a “grab and go” scenario.  Make sure that clothes for the week (or at least the next day) are clean and ready in advance.

Put things away. Do backpacks, homework assignments, lunch boxes, and shoes all seem to like to play hide and seek in your home?  Have a designated spot for all belongings and teach your family (and yourself) to put things where they belong.  This eliminates the need for frantic early morning searching.  And we could probably all use less frantic mornings.

If you are in the Jacksonville/St. Johns area and need help with decluttering and setting up some new systems this Fall, contact me.
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Winter-2009-023-150x150About the Author
Julie Bavington has been a Professional Organizer in Jacksonville, Florida since 2007. Her areas of expertise include conquering paper clutter, setting up residential and office organizing systems, decluttering homes, and teaching through hands-on training. Julie has spoken to several local groups, including MOPS, MEMS, Women Enlightened, Watson Realty and other professional associations. She has been featured in the Florida Times-Union, Life: Beautiful, The Expectant Mother’s Guide, and several online publications. Professional associations include the National Association of Professional Organizers ( and Faithful Organizers.