A New Morning

By Blakely Stein



b.coconutThe sun peaking over the horizon, the lush jungle waking up, a cool breeze ripples through the palm fronds as the birds orchestrate delicious songs. As we sleep, the majestic sea crashes throughout the night. The sun peaking over the horizon, leaving my dream world into this one. Stretching tall feeling my body uncoil, my eyes still adjusting, a new day. My mind racing with that endless list, the waves always pulling me. My computer closed, I glance over, the eyes of the opaque apple glaring, piercing my mind. YOU can wait. Stop taunting me. I come back to my center, clearing my mind for the day to come, a journey in itself.

Finding a rhythm in the morning is truly an art, one that takes work. If utilized consciously that first golden hour of the day can be potent nourishment for the body, mind and soul. This evolutionary process takes discipline and patience. Daily routine, also known as dinacharya in Sanskrit, can help us make positive changes in our lives. Ayurvedic medicine also encourages us to establish routine in order to cultivate balance, clarity and vitality in our lives.

Be patient with yourself and the process. Digest slowly and reflect what works for you. Remember it’s all part of the journey and each one of us is different. Set yourself up for success.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:

Prepare the Night Before:

Clean: Clean dishes and/or living space. Start your day fresh with clear energy.

List: Make a list, prioritize what needs to happen first.

Food Prep: Find a dance one night a week to prep a few items. It will change your whole morning and help you make healthier choices throughout the week: Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but don’t feel like all needs to happen at once.

Grains and Legumes: Cover completely with water in a cool dark spot. Soak overnight and rinse the next morning. This process removes phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of enzymes, ultimately allowing our bodies to absorb more nutrients, digest properly and cook more efficiently.

Green Sauce: blend a couple handfuls of greens and herbs, spoonful tahini or whole organic yogurt, squeeze of citrus (lemon, lime or orange), splash sweet ( honey or maple), pinch of pink sea salt, glug of olive oil or coconut water. Blend, store in jar and eat with everything.

Protein: ( local poultry, wild local fish, pasture raised beef, wild game): Fresh: marinate the night before. Frozen: place in a bowl and into the refrigerator. Ready to cook the next day.

Sweet Potatoes: steam 3-5 sweet potatoes whole. A brilliant and healthy base to many dishes. (Click here for recipes)

Eggs: Boil eggs 8-10 minutes. Cool and refrigerate.  Great for a quick snack or breakfast. (Click here for Jungle Egg Salad recipe)

Bone Broth: Add marrow bones to a tall soup pot or crock pot with a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar. Vinegar pulls the collagen from the bones into the broth. Collagen ingested internally is  beneficial for skin, bones, digestion and aids in healing especially in times of chronic pain. Simmer on low heat over night. Skim off foam and discard, where many impurities accumulate. Next morning, strain, cool and refrigerate. Once cold the fat will solidify on top, skim off if desired. Your gold is ready to use. Add to grains, soups, beans, or sip warm before bed. If juice cleanses no longer work or are affordable try the bone broth cleanse instead.

Prepare Snacks: Visit my site for a recipe for Super Charged Bliss Balls.

Soak Nuts: Soak overnight and rinse. Use in nut milks, add to oatmeal, salads or pestos. Use in moderation, but if your going to eat nuts, soak them. Soaking awakens the nuts to their maximum nutritional availability.

Stock House:  have fresh staples on hand: Some suggestions: fresh and frozen fruit, root and leafy vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, pasture raised local meat and/or wild local fish, grains ( wild rice, quinoa, millet), legumes (lentils, chickpeas, black beans). Store and organize your food for the week. Designate a time to make this a priority.

Call a Friend: Especially if you need that extra push, call a friend that will keep you accountable. Go play outside: run, walk, hike, bike, yoga, surf, swim, connect with the elements and move your body.

Winding Down:

Take a Bath: Add epson salts and essential oils to a warm bath. I love peppermint, lavender and ylang ylang. Aromatherapy will help to calm the mind and nervous system. Play soothing music, or enjoy silence.

Sip a Cup of Tea: Add dried peppermint, chamomile and licorice to warm pot. Steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.  This mixture relaxes the body and soothes digestion before rest.

Limit Sound Waves before Snoozing: Try to avoid all electronics an hour before bed.

Sleep: Aim to be in bed by 10-10:30. Our bodies replenish and detoxify from 10-2:30 am.


In the Morning:

Wake with the Sun: When healing, pregnant, elderly and/or sick you need more sleep, if not try waking as the sun is arising.

Easy: As you awake be gentle on yourself. Check in with your breath, your body and mind. Give thanks for another morning.

Quiet: Keep the chatter to minimum. Wait to open your computer until after you have nourished yourself on all levels. It can wait.

Tooth Care:  Start to weave these into your daily tooth care. You will notice and feel a difference. Educate your friends and kids, it will save you money, time and pain in the long run.

Brush: Gently in circular motions. Use soft bristles and care on the gums.

Floss:  Someone once told me you wouldn’t wash your butt cheeks and not your crack. Floss.

Oil Pulling: Swoosh coconut oil ( a heaping teaspoon) in your mouth to remove toxins and whiten teeth. While cleaning or reading makes the time fly by. Swoosh for at least 20 minutes and spit out. Aim for a couple times a week. Click here to read more about oil pulling.

Tongue Scraping: A mirror to your intestines, a thick white coating is a reflection of  toxins and/or candida. Tongue scraping is great to reset your palate, cleanse your breath and prevent toxins from reentering your body.

Recommended Products:
Tooth Powder (it lasts for months and is great for traveling)
Tooth Paste
Tongue Scraper

Skin: Wash face, eyes and mouth with cool, clean water. Avoid soap and/or harsh cleansers. If you can’t eat don’t put it on your face.

Hydrate: First thing in the morning drink room temperature water with a squirt of lemon. Lemon or lime is detoxifying and alkalizing. To speed metabolism and digestion, add cayenne pepper and/or ginger. Also, try dabbing pink salt on your tongue before drinking your morning tonic. Pink sea salt, full of electrolytes and minerals, will quench your thirst and hydrate your intestines. It will also help regulate blood sugar and stabilizes your bodies PH.

Stillness: Sit in silence for at least 10-15 minutes each morning. Once you get in the habit, this will seem like nothing, but we must start somewhere. Just be here for a moment with no expectations. Clear your mind, connect with the elements around you and allow your whole nervous system to relax. As you reemerge check in with yourself. How can you nourish yourself today?

Exercise: Move in some way everyday: run, yoga, swim, walk, surf, stretch. I have found my productivity and energy throughout the day is higher when exercise starts off my day.  If you don’t have the time first thing, squeeze in 10-15 minutes increments throughout the day. Take the stairs, walk to the post office, run around with the kids, bike to work, water the garden, clean, work on the house, organize the kitchen and/or garage.

Cleanse: Take a cold shower to wake your body. It will invigorate your body and mind. Wash with nontoxic yummy soaps and massage your body with coconut oil infused with your favorite essential oil. Start your day feeling fresh.

Take Note On..your bowels. A distinct message from your body of whats being digested and how your body is thriving.   If it’s soft brown, little odor and well formed. Check in –if it’s pellet like, foul and full of undigested foods, reevaluate what you ate the day before and check in with your energy and skin to see to see if there’s a correlation.

Nourish Your Beautiful Belly: According to Ayurvedic medicine eating our first meal around 8-8:30am will ignite our “agni”  or metabolic fire .

IMG_3852IMG_3664Some Words..

What didn’t happen today can wait for tomorrow. Relax and stop being so hard on yourself. We are constantly evolving, expanding our consciousness, building strength in both body, mind and spirit.  Each day a clean slate, wipe the old away and start fresh. Cultivate awareness around unconscious debilitating habits that no longer serve us and call in relationships and routines that benefit us on all levels.

Let’s thrive, nourish and inspire others to do the same.