A Mother’s Advice

By Sarah Kirkwood





Almost everyone has at least one mother figure in his or her life (some, like me, are lucky enough to have 10+). Mothers are here to help with homework, take care of us when we’re sick, pick us up when we fall, encourage us when we are down, give us a reality check when we need it and more. Being older and wiser, they can offer us something truly invaluable- advice. Here are my favorite pieces of advice that my mother has shared with me:

  1. Clean your room, but if you can find anything better to do, do that first.  I can always find something better to do.
  2. Do what you love.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.
  4. Life is short; start with dessert.
  5. Display proof of your accomplishments and look to them when you doubt yourself.  For example, when I was ready to quit studying for the IB Physics Exam, copies of old tests and report cards taped to my wall reminded me that I could do it.
  6. Pursue your passions.
  7. Don’t listen to people who say that you have to do something. There aren’t many “musts” in the world.
  8. Don’t eat lima beans- they’re disgusting. Try beets- they’re great!
  9. Push yourself to do things outside your comfort zone. They are often scary, but you’ll (usually) be glad you did them. I am very glad that I listened to my Mom and became a camp counselor. I am NOT happy that I listened to my Mom and tried beets.
  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff. No matter how bad things look, you don’t have to look very far to find someone whose problems are much bigger.
  11. Learn to change your oil. And your tires.
  12. Have more than one kid so they can take turns taking care of you when you’re old.
  13. Find something that makes you happy every day.  In our house, this can be as simple as dancing in the kitchen or singing in the shower. 
  14. Write Thank You notes. People remember them.
  15. Tell the truth. When you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said.
  16. Don’t wear cowboy boots with dresses. They look silly together.  I wear cowboy boots with dresses. See #17
  17. You don’t HAVE to follow anyone’s advice…even your mother’s. Decide for yourself what is best for you and the situation.




sarah-kirkwoodAbout the Author
Sarah Kirkwood was born and raised in Jacksonville and considers herself to be a true beach girl.  This soon-to-be Gator grad is finishing up her degree in public relations and is excited about the opportunities that await her after graduation.  A life-long love of sports and a first hand knowledge of how teams can positively impact a community has inspired her to seek a career in the sports field.