The Gift of Clarity

HappyHolidaysWith so much going on in the world, you become very aware that it is a daily struggle to find the time to think, to be, to truly celebrate and get the most Happy out of these Happy Holidays. While it is hard for the holidays to sneak up on you with sales beginning earlier and earlier each year, I find that I am always surprised that it is THAT time of year once again. And, so here we are, adding an “IER” to the word we most commonly use: BUSY, as if we could get any busier, trying to pick thoughtful gifts and create beautiful packaging on top of the everyday whirl that we know as our lives.

But what I remind myself, and I need to, often these days, is to take a step back and make sure to prioritize what is truly important. My friend Barry sent me a book called Essentialism, the Disciplined Pursuit of Doing Less, by Greg McKeown. While it is sitting in a queue waiting to be read, a definite ‘love to do’ on my list, it has me thinking about what is essential. When you pose the question, the lens can become clearer.

For me, it is people and a passion around creating positive impact that inspires me out of bed every morning. Clarity is a gift. It can be hard to come by these days, you actually have to work for it, but what the holidays can, and do offer, is time surrounded by family and friends and, perhaps, a wisp of time to reflect on who and what is most important in the pursuit of a life well lived. That is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Wishing all of you a heartfelt Happy Holidays and New Year.





by Donna Orender







image courtesy of flickr CC/ylmworkshop