4 Key Elements to Great Putting

By Mary Hafeman



I believe there are 4 key elements to putting that connected together will definitely improve your overall putting game. I listed them in the order I feel is important to develop a good putting game.

Element 1 – Set up position. A good putting stroke starts with a consistent set up. Develop a good set up position and stick with it. Start with your grip – develop a comfortable neutral grip. I like the overlapping grip which allows your hands to work together. Stance – get comfortable with your feet about shoulder width apart. Posture – bend over to position your eyes over the ball. Align the clubface to the intended target with your body parallel to that target.

Element 2 – Consistent solid ball contact in the sweet spot of your putter. Identify the sweet spot (center of your putter). Learn to consistently hit and feel the ball in the center of the putter. You’ll develop a solid roll of the ball. Keeping the head and body steady over the ball will increase the chances of solid ball contact.

Element 3 – Path: decide what type of putting path you want to take. You have the options of a straight back and through stroke or an arc stroke. Whichever one you choose – develop the path using your shoulders and arms. Remain very still over the ball. This is the only area of the game that you are completely still over the ball. I like the key of working to putt within a track to develop a stroke that follows the line to the target.

Element 4 – Pace of your stroke. For me this is key for developing the feel of distance. The pace of your stroke is always accelerating through the ball. I like to practice specific distances always starting close to the hole for example 3 – 6 – 9- 12 -15 foot putts. Take the putter back to the same length on each putt – then change the acceleration of the putter through the ball to reach your intended distance. The pace of your swing is developed by consistent practice to a variety of distances. Increase the distances to acquire the “feel” of the putt.

You will be using the 3 elements: set up, solid ball contact and path, to assist in developing a true pace of the swing – your end result will be consistent distance. If you know your distance then you can switch over to figuring out the “break” and speed of the putt. Putting is over 50% of the game and it’s the area that all of us can consistently improve upon with a few basic fundamentals and knowing how far a good stroke will take you.

Good luck putting – make it fun – play games and develop a winning attitude that you are a great putter.

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ireland_2008_165-1_full1-150x150About the Author
Mary E. Hafeman, President and Owner of Fore in One Golf Services, is a highly regarded, accomplished player, instructor and operations specialist within the golf industry. In 2009, she created Mary Hafeman Golf Experience, a web-based community to fit the needs of a growing network of people interested in all facets of the game. Mary Hafeman Golf Experience provides a realm of experiences, from exceptional golf instruction, inclusive player development programs, customized travel, tournaments and outing series, to social networking opportunities for players of all levels.  Mary is a former player on the LPGA Tour, one of the games’s “Top 50 Teachers” according to Golf for Women magazine and recognized as a ”Top Teacher” by region by Golf Magazine.