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Amanda Mickelson is proud to be a woman, a scholar, and an activist. As an independent educator, she aims to provide teachers, students, and parents with the vocabulary and contextual knowledge necessary to hold healthy, informed dialogue about identity. Amanda’s education has never been confined to the classroom. From conducting independent research in Egyptology and philosophy, to working in a museum’s collections department, to actively seeking direct conversation with established academics, she is constantly hunting for new ways to learn things. Without her insatiable curiosity, commitment to building a new, more intersectional feminism, and (futile) attempts to be “hip with the kids,” Amanda would not be Amanda. She dreams of beating the odds as a woman in academia and of living a life defined by questions. Amanda is a senior at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California. In September of 2017, she will begin her journey into the real world at Brown University.

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