Our Organization


– was inspired by the belief that when people – especially women- come together, magic happens. Launched as a one-day event in April 2012, GENERATION W is now a national nonprofit with diverse multiyear initiatives. Our initiatives are rooted in a commitment to bring women and girls together as well as building thought leadership, confidence and engagement around the currency of great ideas. The goal of GENERATION W is to provide a platform to elevate the voice of women and girls as well as help to promote the change they want to see in the world.

Our Mission

Generation W’s mission is to provide a platform for women and girls to come together to:

  • Be educated, inspired and connected
  • Learn how to impact change for themselves, their communities and the world
  • Inspire women’s leadership

Our Initiatives


Our signature event brings together speakers from across the nation to educate, inspire, and connect women and their communities. The national event continues to be met with enthusiasm and results, as it consistently brings a compelling program of thought provoking topics with a goal to create greater awareness and understanding of the relevant and resonant issues of our time and the action steps available to affect change.


WOW is a yearly program that focuses on the teen girl, sharing the lessons of the positive and the possible through a year-long mentorship program. The intergenerational connection of the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow is a powerful catalyst and alongside the special GERALDINE mentor walk, the girls are given an opportunity to understand the value of mentorship, leadership, self-esteem, and service.


WORKS is a dedicated day of service that harnesses the energy and leadership of women and girls. GENERATION WORKS highlights the way women work and wisely lead to transform their communities. Volunteers from the NE Florida community will wire, weld, wash and work their magic to elevate local schools and agencies and everyone associated with the rewarding work of building up communities.

WOWsdom! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible

WOWsdom is an interactive and life changing book that unites the spirited WOW of teen girls with the savvy WISDOM of women. Inspired by the power realized when generations connect, the unique narrative of WOWsdom! is created through intimate stories and personal lessons written in the form of letters to our younger and future selves.

Be a part of GENERATION W by making a difference & empowering women today!