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Susie Wiles
Susie Wiles Joins Monique Burr Foundation Board
November 9, 2015 Welcome to The Monique Burr Foundation Board read more
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Generation W Bloggers


Donna Orender

Articles by this authorTIME, The Great EqualizerTIME, it really is the great equalizer. We do not know how much of it we have, but we can all agree that whatever it is, it is never enough. read more

Patti Minglin

Articles by this author5 Things Every College Student (and Entrepreneur) Needs to KnowLast weekend I spent two days at my alma mater. I wasn’t there for an alumni event or even Homecoming, I was there to participate in Family Weekend. My daughter read more

Blakely Stein

Articles by this authorA New Morning    The sun peaking over the horizon, the lush jungle waking up, a cool breeze ripples through the palm fronds as the birds orchestrate delicious songs. As we read more

Angie Orth

Articles by this author6 Things I Wish I Knew at 171. You don’t have to have all the answers now. Deciding where to go to college and what to major in are huge decisions, ones I recall stressing about as if read more

Candace Moody

Articles by this authorGen W: Not a Women’s Leadership Conference – It’s a Leadership Conference. Period.    In a previous blog post, I wrote about a young man who chose to attend Gen W at the suggestion of Dr. Richard Lapchick, his professor read more

Mary Ann Wasil

Articles by this authorSatchel of StonesI live between two worlds, one foot firmly planted in the present, the other on the shaky ground of living with stage four metastatic breast cancer. I live most read more

Tina Lifford

Articles by this authorHow to End What Doesn't Have an Ending"We do not have to know how to end what doesn’t have an ending, " writes Tina Lifford in her latest . "We only need to commit to taking the small steps read more

Blythe Brumleve

Articles by this authorGen W Clinic Shows Why It’s Important For Women to Learn the Game of Golf  This post is written by Blythe Brumleve, founder of , a content marketing agency and publisher for brands. When she's not covering sports and entertainment at , she's cohosting radio read more

Celebrate Us

Susie Wiles
2015-11-09 13:59:06Welcome to The Monique Burr Foundation Board of Directors, Susie Wiles!  
2015-10-12 17:25:47Congratulations to our friends at the Sulzbacher Center on serving our community for 20 years!


2015-10-06 09:09:47

Celebrating 5 Years of Inspiration

5 things that inspire Laura Morey  
Read More
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